Elana Weinstein

Hello! Nice to see you and be seen! I’m Elana Weinstein. I am currently on Tulsa Time (recently relocated to Tulsa, OK) cause why not?! Originally, I am from the metro Detroit area and have also spent time in Chicago and Colorado.
In the decade plus working solely in the nonprofit world (inside and outside, primarily Jewish communal organizations/institutions). I know exactly how hard it can be working in these institutions. The grit, the hustle but also the beauty of being able to
build and breathe new life into older programs and the great reward that comes with this work. During my time working as a case manager, to program coordinator, to teaching youth at temple, to mentoring youth in BBG, to spearheading larger initiatives and
understanding how important these institutions are and the deeper meaning behind it all. Has led me to a path of continuously wrestling with my Jewish identity and how I can bring my full self to my work. If you also can relate. If you also are wondering how
to weave in and connect with jewish text, thoughts that keep you up at night regarding our world and what it all really means…I’m your person. I’ll be seeing you soon and look forward to contributing and learning from each of you and the overall collective
of Jewish Learning Collaborative! See you soon!

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Grief & Mourning


Jewish Calendar

Jewish Denominations / aka Streams of Judaism

Jewish Values (Middot)


Kohenet (Priestess)

Mental Health




Social Justice/Tikkun Olam




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