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Jewish learning can take you anywhere, and we want you to explore your areas of interest - even if you don’t know what those are yet.

No agendas--it’s not Hebrew school, it’s not a pre-designed curriculum, and it’s not for anyone but you.

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You Choose Your Topic

You choose what you want to learn, and if you don't know, your educator can guide you.

You Choose Your Teacher

You are matched (or you choose from our amazing roster) a teacher who fits not only your interests, but your personality. Our teachers span the denominational and professional spectrum, but share one common ideology: They are non-judgemental, and here to lend a hand as you explore.

You Set the Pace

You pick the time and the frequency, anywhere between once a week to once a month, all during work hours.


Personalized Jewish learning is Jewish learning, tailored for you.

You choose where your learning takes you and how you use it. The Jewish Learning Collaborative believes personalized Jewish learning should have 4 principles.


It’s consistent.

You commit to a regular schedule for your learning, either weekly, every other week, every three weeks, or once a month (1-4 times per month). You can change your schedule, but we’ve learned that, like creating other routines in our lives, Jewish learning is more meaningful when you have a rhythm.

It’s relational.

This isn’t learning from a set curriculum. Your learning is based on your interests and your life, so you and your educator are likely to develop a strong connection with each other. It’s ok to talk about your personal life and your big questions, thoughts, and worries.

It’s relevant.

You choose to learn about topics that speak to you and your life. If you don’t know where to start or how to choose, you can explore possibilities with your educator.

It’s customized.

Your learning is just that: made for you. It can match your mix of interests and questions. Your focus can evolve as you grow.

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