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How Resilient Are Jewish Institutions?
Source: Sapir Journal
People want to talk to someone to feel less alone and to get grounded in Jewish history, wisdom, and thought. It also helps them feel less alone in their views of the world as a Jew, and to feel connected to what it has meant to be Jewish for thousands of years...
Jewish Learning Collaborative
The Jewish Learning “Gig Economy”: Empowering Educators and Learners
Source: Roots of Reform Judaism
The Jewish learning gig economy empowers talented people who love to teach and were underutilized by our community and expands what it means to be part of the field of Jewish education...
Jewish Learning Collaborative
We Are Ready For a Renaissance of Jewish Learning
Source: Times of Israel
There are successful models of the work to revive and amplify the beit midrash in contemporary Jewish life.
Super Bowl Antisemitism Ads Should Mark Kickoff to Jewish Cultural Revival
Source: The Jerusalem Post
Let us think of the 30-second Super Bowl commercial on antisemitism as the kickoff of sorts to a longer, sustained drive down the field.
The ROI of Funding Jewish Schools
Source: eJewish Philanthropy
While the shocking events of Oct. 7 through the present day feel all-consuming and devastating, reading...
The ROI of Funding Jewish Communal Infrastructure in a Post-Oct. 7 World
Source: eJewish Philanthropy
The Jewish communal infrastructure you support makes a difference — sometimes in ways or situations you can't anticipate.