Jewish Learning?


Judaism has been around for thousands of years. Through centuries of chaos and despair, persecution and tragedy, Jewish people have maintained a strong tradition of LEARNING TOGETHER as a way to pause, reflect, process, and grow.

In challenging times, Jews have created everything from poetry to ethics to stories to liturgy, all reflecting hope for the future and a commitment to making meaning in the present. Learning together, creating opportunities from challenges - these are perhaps the greatest of all Jewish traditions.

There is so much. So much wisdom, so much history, so much to learn and consider, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin! We are here to help you access that wisdom in a way that feels authentic to you and relevant to your life.

It’s not about what you should know, or what you should do. It’s not about being Jewish differently, or being Jewish at all. It’s about creating a lens to use thousands of years of wisdom to make your life better, however you define that.


in learning cultures, organizations innovate more and make fewer mistakes.

Adam Grant

Organizational Psychologist and Author

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Join the Jewish Learning Collaborative HERE! Whether you're a new learner, a Jewish educator, or an organization interested in learning more - this is the place to get in touch. Our dedicated program support team will reach out to answer your questions or schedule a call to connect. We can't wait to start learning with you!


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