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Why not? It’s fun. It’s a chance to develop a connection with a vetted educator. It’s an opportunity to rediscover the greater purpose of your work. It’s a way to connect personally to your organization’s mission. It can help prepare you for your next project or meeting. It can help you cultivate better relationships at work. It’s an hour-long break during your workweek. It can help you reflect on your own life and find gratitude. It can help you feel more connected, or less alone. It can prevent burnout. It can serve as self care. It can help you become a more effective, more compassionate leader. It can complement a passion or hobby that you already pursue. Whatever your reason, we support you!

You choose what you learn about based on what you’re interested in. Some people choose a starting point rooted in Jewish text, tradition, or history (like holidays or Jewish law). Some people choose a concept, goal, or challenge within their personal lives and explore it through the lens of Jewish values (like grief, friendship, or parenthood). Some people take a professional development approach by choosing a topic relevant to an upcoming project, or focusing on a skill they need for the workplace (like storytelling or leadership). Check out the dropdown list of topics at the top of the educator page for ideas. The majority of learners choose topics that fall into the following themes:

Judaism 101/Holidays/Shabbat
Jewish Lens on the Lifecycle
Judaism and Feminism/Queerness/Identity
Jewish Text and Tradition
Leadership and Justice

Weekly, every two weeks, every three weeks, or once a month. You decide the frequency, but JLC learners commit to learning regularly. You can change your schedule at any time.

All new learners will start by scheduling an informal intake conversation with our JLC Program Manager, Avidan Halivni. Avidan matches each new learner with a JLC educator who fits their unique learning style, personality, and topic.

Your first session will help you get a feel for your teacher, and you’ll work together to find a routine and rhythm that feels right. You can change teachers at any time.

Click here to schedule an intake call with Avidan, or email him directly at

Welcome! You DO NOT need to be Jewish or interested in being Jewish to participate. You do need to be a staff or board member at a Jewish organization. Your learning can be professional development, to increase your knowledge about world religion, get practical tips for work, or inspiration through Jewish thought. There are no agendas to change your practice or your current relationship to Judaism. Many JLC learners do not identify as Jewish and still find great value and joy in Jewish learning. You’re in good company!

You do this for as long as it works for you. You can always change your topic or your educator. You can always stop or take a break. This is for you, and it needs to work for you.

Your learning sessions should take place during your work hours. If you’re having trouble making time, talk with your supervisor about how to carve out time.

Your first session is all about you and your educator getting to know each other. You can explore different learning topics, talk about your interests, and share how you’d like to approach your time together. You’ll also decide the pace of your learning (1-4x per month) and schedule a regular, recurring meeting time.

The learners are staff members at any level and in any department within our partner organizations. No Jewish learning background is necessary. Whether your role is in program design, IT, finance, or event planning - the JLC welcomes you!

Our partner organizations have chosen to invest in their employees and board members by funding your Jewish learning. As a learner, you don’t pay anything. Your organization covers 50% of the cost of your educator’s hourly rate, and the JLC covers the other 50%, plus all overhead. The JLC is generously supported by the JCRIF Aligned Grant Fund, the Beacon and Shapira Foundations, an anonymous donor, and in-kind operating support from Moishe House.

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Join the Jewish Learning Collaborative HERE! Whether you're a new learner, a Jewish educator, or an organization interested in learning more - this is the place to get in touch. Our dedicated program support team will reach out to answer your questions or schedule a call to connect. We can't wait to start learning with you!


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