Jewish learning can improve our work and personal lives.

It is unique for being particularly democratic. Each of us can access the tradition. Jewish learning and literacy are core to Judaism, valued in texts, in traditions, in history, and in religious and cultural identity.

Too often, Jewish learning is set up for one of a couple of purposes. Usually, it’s to prepare for a lifecycle event, childhood education, or it’s part of a path towards increased ritual observance. There is nothing wrong with these purposes. But what if there is another option that could be unlocked? Jewish learning could simply help us live better, could just be pleasurable, could help us do everything a bit more intentionally – from business to mentoring to our social and family lives. And if we don’t partake of this wisdom, then we’re missing out.


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The Jewish Learning Collaborative team cares about creating access to Jewish learning for professionals and board members of Jewish organizations. Your learning is for you; it should be enjoyable and relevant. The Jewish Learning Collaborative team is pluralistic, warm, and welcoming. Our goal is to support the professional and lay Jewish community to use Jewish wisdom, text and tradition alongside secular resources.

Rabbi Ana Bonnheim


David Cygielman

Moishe House Founder and CEO

Rabbi Jeremy Borovitz


Avidan Halivni

Program Manager


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