Rabbi Benjy Forester

Some people achieve "flow" from dancing, painting, or running. That's great! As for me, I achieve flow from learning with others. The Talmud teaches that when two people sit to learn together, the Shekhina (the Divine presence) joins them. However you conceive of the Divine, I believe that something truly special happens when two people sit together to learn. I'd love to share that experience with you! A bit about me: I grew up in Chicago, went to school in St. Louis, and my folks now live in Madison, WI (#MidWestBestCoast). After college, I lived for a year in Budapest, Hungary as the JDC Jewish Service Corps Fellow. I worked for many years at Ramah Wisconsin, spending multiple summers with the Tikvah (special needs) program, and serving as a Rosh Aidah (unit head) multiple times. I also worked as a hospital chaplain at Northwestern Memorial Hospital during summer 2020. I am now in my fourth year of Rabbinical School at JTS in NYC. In the last few years I have interned in rural Maine with the Center for Small Town Jewish Life, in Columbia, SC, at Base Chicago (now a part of MH!), and am currently at Sutton Place Synagogue in Manhattan. I love meeting people of all ages, stages, and places! Watching the Big Lebowski brings out the best in me; Playing Settlers of Catan brings out the worst in me.

Rabbi Benjy Forester Favorite Subjects

Comprehensive Jewish Literacy


Great Jewish Disputes

Introduction to Judaism


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