Rabbi David E Levy

My route to becoming a Rabbi was certainly not a straight line! My first step was on Masada at 5:30 am on my 2001 Birthright Israel trip. As I watched the sun rise out of the Dead Sea, I felt connected to the Jewish people in a way I never had before. That moment catalyzed a trajectory that culminated three years later in a call to HUC-JIR from my cubicle at GE. In between those two moments, yes I got my Bachelors degree in Information Systems, but more importantly I fell in love with the wisdom of the Jewish tradition, and helping individual Jews and Jewish communities thrive. That passion has only grown over these past twenty years as I continue to invest in my own learning and growth, and create opportunities for communities and individuals to do the same.

Part of what inspires me about working with the Jewish Learning Collaborative is the chance to create an Individualized Jewish Learning plan for each person I'm lucky enough to work with. We live in a world that can’t stop talking, but rarely do we pause and listen to people and hear what they're passionate about and what they're interested in. I can't wait to get to know each of my learners, hear their stories, and help them to grow through meaningful Jewish learning.

Rabbi David E Levy Favorite Subjects


Introduction to Judaism


Jewish Calendar

Life Cycle


Sephardi/Mizrahi Culture



The Structure of Jewish Texts


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