Meg Adler

Hi, I’m Meg Adler and I’ve been working as a Jewish educator in some form or another since 2011. I have lots of thoughts about democratizing Jewish learning, reinvigorating Jewish institutions, prioritizing Jewish life, and creating a lay-led Jewish future in which adults feel grounded in their own tradition enough to pass it on with confidence to their children. I also love teaching all things Jewish to first-time learners – especially skeptics!

While I was born and raised in the the Bay Area, attending Reform synagogue and Jewish summer camp, I found my love for interfaith learning and new approaches to Torah at Yale Divinity School, where I received my Masters in Religion. To me, learning is all about questioning, challenging, and noticing how you are approaching the text. The text remains the same, it is us who grow in relation to it.

Meg Adler Favorite Subjects

Grief & Mourning



Introduction to Judaism

Jewish Calendar

Jewish Values (Middot)


Life Cycle






The Structure of Jewish Texts

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