Rabbi Sivan Rotholz

Sivan Rotholz is a professor of feminist Torah and creative writing and is pursuing rabbinic ordination from Hebrew Union College, the Reform seminary. She has taught at Brooklyn College, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew Union College, Columbia/Barnard Hillel, Camp Ramah, Wexner Institutes, Moishe House, Pardes, and Ritualwell, and has shared her Torah in synagogues and living rooms across the globe. She always opts for discussion facilitation rather than frontal lecturing, believes in the power of hevrutah — studying in pairs or small groups — and learns most when teaching.

Sivan is passionate about gynocentric Torah (Torah that is centered on the stories and experiences of women), Jewish holidays, ritual, and community. She loves to learn one-on-one and help people discover those Jewish texts and practices that excite them. She believes deeply in the power of cultural and home-based Judaism, in making Judaism meaningful and accessible, and in meeting people where they are.

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