Jessie Gindea

Hi there! I’m so excited that you are checking out the bios for all these incredible JLC educators and honored that you ended up on my page. I hope that this journey brings you joy, fulfillment, and new perspectives on your own space in Judaism.

I am a seasoned Jewish educator and leader with experience in varied educational and community-building settings. I have a deep passion for inspiring, mentoring, and supporting future leaders in the Jewish community through immersive experiences, intentional role modeling, diving into Jewish text and tradition, and authentic relationship building. I can play a mean game of Jewish geography and love to bake anything that will bring joy to others.

I believe that a connection to Judaism can manifest in an infinite amount of ways, and I love to help people find their own feeling of belonging. My husband Adam and I started Base Miami almost five years ago, and not only have we had the opportunity to make a big difference in Miami, but it has also been a life changing step in finding my own space within the Jewish community. I approach life with a sense of awe and gratitude and I cannot wait to continue the journey of meeting and learning with others through this incredible platform.

Jessie Gindea Favorite Subjects

Ashkenazi Culture


Jewish Calendar

Jewish Values (Middot)

Judaism in Pop Culture & Media

Life Cycle





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