Daphna Oren

The Jewish Learning Collaborative states on the website: "Jewish Learning can improve ... lives." I would slightly amend this statement to "Jewish Learning can - and DOES - improve everything." Jewish life across the span of the globe, over the years of millenia bears testimony to this understanding, and my goal is to facilitate others' discoveries within Judaism to find the wisdom, the deep understanding of human nature, and the aspirations of a people. I want to help open up our mine of jewels and magic to eyes, hearts, and hands aiming to make a difference in our world. I hope to help leaders in our communities craft and inform their purpose with the vision of our Sages and the gifts of our heritage. I come to this juncture as a lifelong learner, a Jewish educator, a Jewish lay leader, an American fully immersed in my Polish/Lithuanian/Israeli extraction, with an eye to building sustainable society. I have a Master's degree in Jewish Studies, with a concentration in Rabbinics, from Towson University, a Master's degree in Public Health from Yale, and a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Society from Cornell. I read, study, and teach daily, and I look forward to doing so with you.

Daphna Oren Favorite Subjects

Comprehensive Jewish Literacy

Hebrew Language



Jewish Values (Middot)

Judaism and Comparative Religion


Life Cycle



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