Rabbi Jessy Dressin

Jessy Dressin is ordained as a Reform Rabbi and works for Repair the World as both a City Director and the rabbi on staff for the organization. Jessy was the Founder/Director of Charm City Tribe, a community initiative to engage young adults interested in Jewish culture and tradition who want to connect in creative and meaningful ways and was named as one of The Forward's 'Most Inspiring Rabbis" in 2016 and is one of the 2020 Pomegranate Prize recipients as a visionary in Jewish education from The Covenant Foundation.

Rabbi Jessy subscribes to the notion that Jewish tradition has three goals: personal meaning making, the imperative to be part of a collective and the charge to help make the world a better place. She believes that Torah is timeless and every person should be able to access Jewish tradition in ways that are resonant and meaningful to them. She sees her role as a teacher in helping each person who wants to, create a tool box of their own in which they have the basics from which they can create new understandings and commitments of Judaism in personal and meaningful ways.

Rabbi Jessy Dressin Favorite Subjects

Jewish Calendar

Jewish Values (Middot)


Social Justice/Tikkun Olam


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