Rabbi C.B. Souther

Hi, I’m C.B. (they/them). I’m a meaning maker. I seek out ways to deepen my experience of being human and elevate the experiences of those around me. I love getting my boots dirty, and can be found nearly every morning walking the shores of the Puget Sound, near my home, with my dogs. The immersive nature of those walks reflect how I go about making meaning: immersing myself in a subject that resonates & lights me up. I’m an ordained rabbi in the Reform tradition, and have been serving that community, as well as pluralistic Jewish spaces, since 2000.

Among my professional and personal interests is the function and purpose of rituals. Ritual is a way of making the abstract concrete, grounding us more wholly in the experience of being human. Jewish time (calendar, holidays, shabbat & text reading cycles) is the foundational level of my Jewish ritual practice, upon which is layered the more singular life cycle rituals (including grief & mourning), which I perform, as well as teach widely. Feminism (i.e. non-patriarchal, non-hierarchical systems), gender, mental health, mindfulness, spirituality and wellness are additional means by which I aim to elevate existence and increase meaning-making. My daily spiritual practices range from quiet time in nature, to baking, writing, reading, stretching and being fiercely empathetic and courageous in my relationships - including parenting my small child.

Teaching is among my greatest joys because through the act of encountering another’s growth & curiosity, I learn so much more about the world, and myself.

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Grief & Mourning

Jewish Calendar

Life Cycle

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