Rabbi Rachel Rosenbluth

Rabbi Rachel "Bluth" Rosenbluth is a creative & a Rabbi, passionate about Jewish ritual, art, aesthetics, and experience design. She co-founded the School of Living Jewishly, a curated digital educational space, reimagining Jewish learning. Bluth runs Tselem Creative Studio, specializing in Hebrew Calligraphy and Ketubahs. As a Soferet (scribe) and leader, she brings beauty to Jewish experiences and rituals. As well, she recently graduated as a fellow of inter-religious dialogue from KAICIID, where she does inter-religious dialogue & inter-spiritual learning.

Bluth was Ordained in 2019 from Beit Midrash Har-El in Jerusalem, an Orthodox Yeshiva which focuses on Gmara and Halachah learning - a style of learning which had historically not been accessible to women. This complemented (and grounded) her degree from McGill University in International Development and East Asian Religion - which had a focus that balanced contemporary global issues with the spiritual, mystical and philosophical. While in Jerusalem, Bluth founded Achvat Amim Ruchani, which engaged in Israeli-Palestinian Peace and Justice work from a Jewish lens. She founded TLVSeasideShabbes, led Jewish meditation at Studio Naim in Yafo. She studied at Matan, Hadar, Simchat Shlomo and Pardes, and taught Hebrew Calligraphy. Following getting ordained, Bluth was elected to a standing commission of Religions for Peace, a multi-religious global network. Bluth traveled globally, collaborating with various spiritual communities (Yoga Vedanta Ashram, Sufi devotional experience, indigenous communities).

In the recent years, Bluth focused on teaching foundations of Judaism - based on reimagining Jewish practice in a way that combined the spirit and the intellect - with a non-dogmatic, inclusive, creative and Liberatory lens. She loves to focus on core themes of Jewish cycles of time - Shabbat, Holidays & personal lifecycles. All of this, while bringing in beauty, art, and a holistic approach to ritual life. Bluth continues to teach and lead Jewish holiday or meditation retreats globally, with Moishe House and beyond, and she officiates lifecycle events and leads immersive ritual experiences. She taught Design Thinking at GIBS business school in Bangalore, completed her TTC Yoga certificate with Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in South India, and led alternative High Holidays with Beth Tzedec in Toronto.

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