Sarah Rovin

Sarah is a fourth year Rabbinical Student at Hebrew College, a pluralistic rabbinical school. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in environmental studies and psychology. While in college, she discovered a love of farming and environmental activism. After college, she participated in the Avodah Jewish Service Corps in Chicago where she spent the year doing social justice learning and direct service work. She then participated in the JOFEE Fellowship (Jewish Outdoor Food Farming and Environmental Education) and worked as a JOFEE educator at Pearlstone where she developed both as a Jewish learning and educator, bringing people of all ages outside to experience Torah in the body as well as the mind. She continues to return for holiday retreats as an educator and Shaliach Tzibur (prayer leader) . She also has professional experience as a case manager, community educator, and has been involved in community organizing around climate justice. In her free time Sarah enjoys singing in community with her friends, rock climbing, knitting and cycling around the Boston area.

My Jewish text journey grew out of my experience as a queer farmer educator. I spent a summer studying with Svara at Queer Talmud Camp in 2017. I feel deeply influenced by this method of slow and intentional learning, delving deep into the meaning of each word and opening up its possibilities. As an outdoor educator, I am also passionate about learning our texts and stories through an earth-based lens. Our tradition is deeply rooted in the cycle of the seasons and we have a wealth of stories and laws based on our relationship to wilderness as well as agriculture. As a rabbinical student, I have had the opportunity to go much deeper in Talmud study and Tanakh. I am currently feeling inspired by the beauty of midrash.

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