Dr. Yosef Rosen

Yosef Rosen is an educator, historian, DJ, and recipient of a doctorate in Jewish Studies (UC Berkeley). As an historian of Kabbalah and Jewish magic, Yosef translates the mysteries of the past into usable wisdom and immersive practices. His offerings merge what modern society often keeps separate: the contemporary and the ancient, the academic and the experiential, the religious and the secular, the spiritual and the somatic.
As a teacher, Yosef blurs the line between education and initiation—he encourages students to reclaim their own forgotten or censored lineages of Jewish creativity.

Yosef has had the privilege to spend his life immersed in Torah study—from his Yeshiva upbringing in the Tri-state area, to the years spent in innovative Israeli seminaries, to his training in Kabbalah in academic contexts. He works to bring the best of each of these styles of learning into his interdisciplinary teaching. He currently lives in Portland, OR, with his wife & one-year-old son.

Dr. Yosef Rosen Favorite Subjects

Ashkenazi Culture






Rabbinical Literature





The Structure of Jewish Texts

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