Melissa Werbow

I love being Jewish. That may be a dorky thing to admit but it’s true. It isn't just my religion or my culture, it is the framework around which I have built my entire life. Growing up in the only Jewish family in a rural Kansas town, Judaism made me feel awkward and different. But through the youth group, Israel trip, Hebrew High School and camp experiences of my high school years, I fell in love with being Jewish. At first, it was the sense of being a part of something bigger than myself. Every time I saw a Jewish star around the neck of someone passing in the opposite direction, my heart would beat a little faster. I felt an instant burst of connection with that person, even if I never spoke to them. What began as a desire to make up for the lack of a Sunday school education quickly became a thirst to dive deeply into Jewish learning - history, text, holidays and more. With each new discovery, I realized how much I still had to learn.

Throughout my career, I have sought to help others find the joy, community and support that I have found in the Jewish community. I have always felt like I found the secret elixir for life and want to share it with others. I bring my irreverent sense of humor and a spirit of adventure to my teaching. Expect a partnership where we will explore together and enrich each other.

When I am not learning and teaching, I spend my time quilting and knitting, exploring new recipes for Shabbat and trying to raise my three kids to be the kind of adults I’d want to hang out with.

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