Rabbi Avigayil Halpern

Avigayil Halpern is studying toward rabbinic ordination as a member of Hadar's Advanced Kollel. She holds a BA in Judaic Studies from Yale University, where she completed a senior thesis exploring Talmudic narratives of women engaged in Torah discourse and the implications of such stories for feminists committed to the study of Talmud today. Avigayil is trained as a Mikveh Guide through Rising Tide, the national network of community mikvaot, and is an alumna of the Drisha Institute and Midreshet Ein HaNatziv. She has written on issues of Judaism, gender, and the left in Jewish and other media, and has been an opinion columnist for the Yale Daily News. Currently, Avigayil is writing a weekly dvar Torah on the parsha incorporating queer and feminist insights through her newsletter, Approaching (, and is energized around thinking through what feminism means to gender-egalitarian Jewish communities, with a focus on traditionally devalued areas like mutual care and home-based ritual.

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