Rabbi Ana Bonnheim

I have always been drawn to stories: our own and the stories we learn or inherit. I view this 1:1 Jewish learning as a unique opportunity to explore stories – your own as well as ones from Judaism that you want to learn, whether it’s for knowledge, inspiration, reflection, guidance or something else. Together, in a collaborative relationship, you direct the topics we jump into, and I’ll provide context and a way to help you frame your learning, whether it’s an ancient biblical story or something more recent.

I'm drawn to big questions, everything from “what does it mean to live a meaningful life?” to “how do I understand Judaism’s challenging stories or traditions?” I love wrestling with questions and find that process to be the beginning of finding our own answers. I have deep respect for however you choose to integrate questions, answers and learning into your own life.

Professionally, I am the director of the Jewish Learning Collaborative. I am both a learner and an educator in the program and appreciate the mix of personal connection with Jewish learning. I’m also the director of the Open Dor Project, an accelerator for emerging clergy-led Jewish communities, and the chair-elect of the Central Conference of American Rabbis’ Ethics Committee. I choose this work and this journey, because I believe that Judaism is a multivocal, ever-growing, joyful tradition with deep wisdom and insight.

I am a long-time student of world religions, ever since I majored in religion in college at Dartmouth and studied at New College Divinity School in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was ordained at Hebrew Union College and worked for close to a decade as a director of Greene Family Camp, a Jewish overnight camp. I feel most relaxed outside and love a good road trip and reading, particularly fiction, long-form journalism and young adult coming-of-age novels. I live in Charlotte, NC with my husband, two children and dog.

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